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Need some help identifying this old International truck bed trailer

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Hello All,


I’m in the process of getting this old International truck bed trailer working again.  I plan to use it to haul firewoood. I live outside of Helena, Montana so the rust on it isn’t too bad considering it’s been sitting outside for more than 20 years. I’m only a middling mechanic and I’ve got zero knowledge about old Internationals.  Can anyone out there help me identify which year and model the bed comes from?  Just from looking at google images, I think it might be one of the smaller L-series trucks.  The bed is 6” long by about 4 1/2” wide.


Also, what service would you do on the axle?  As far as my research goes, I think it’s a full-float axle.  What tools do I need to pull the axle shaft and clean the bearings?  Also, what’s the best gear oil to use back there?


And I’ve got one more question, in the process of removing the rusty lug nuts, I broke a stud clean off — any tips on fixing that?  


I know that’s a ton of questions from an ignorant mechanic!  Thanks so so much for your time!





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That box would not look out of place on an L or R series International. I am fairly sure that is not the International axle. For one thing, it is in upside down. My gut reaction is it might be an 8 inch Ford.


The stud replacement depends on how it is attached. The drum should slide off. If the stud is just pressed in, you can probably knock it out of there and pull a new one in with a lug nut and a stack of washers. If it is swaged or something like that it might need to be drilled and machined. Pressed in is more likely, but you should figure out what it is and how its made before banging on it too much.


Thats not a full floating axle, so don't worry too much about that. The wheel bearings, if Ford, are probably sealed, so nothing to do there except replace (or not) depending on how much you trust the ones that are already in there. If someone else made it who knows? There might be a way to get a little grease in. Either way you would need to pull the axles. There are flanges you unbolt. When you have the drums off you will see. They left a hole for you to get your socket through. 


The center section has bearings too so there would need to be gear oil in there. I'm not quite sure how that would work with the axle upside down. It needs a vent, and that is usually on the top.


Welcome to the forum!


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Thanks so much for all the helpful information, Bloo!  I didn’t realize it was such a Frankenstein trailer.  I’m going to get deeper into the project this weekend — spring is coming up fast which means the beginning of wood season.  I’ll work on getting that stud fixed and pull the axles out.  


Thanks again,


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I think I would undo the U-bolts and take the rear end out.  Then you could confirm what it really is and put it back in right way up.  Start soaking the nuts now (50/50 ATF and acetone) and by March they will come off easily.

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On second look it is not an 8 inch Ford. Possibly a Chevrolet passenger car rearend from about 1955-1963. I'll bet it is a passenger car axle of some sort, and is meant to go above the springs rather than below. It is probably in upside down because thats where the spring mounts wind up when the axle is below the springs.

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