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Windshield Replacement

Michael CPA

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 When installing a windshield, there is always the possibility of breakage, so no one wants that being said that "they" broke my windshield.

 There is also the loss of profit in supplying your own glass.

57 windshields are not as easy as later models and there is always the chance that a molding or clip is damaged.

 The old rubber is also a problem and the new rubber is another problem as it may be too big or too small.

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On 2/22/2020 at 8:11 AM, Michael CPA said:

I have new rubber and am willing to take the risk on cracking if the guy knows what he is doing. 

Did you made that clear with all local installers you already contacted ?

Did you offer to pay for whatever time it takes them to do it, regardless of outcome ? 
Did you contact local body-/restoration shops and asked them for reference or possibly handling it for you ?

Does the job require removal of trim moldings, etc. ?

Is the “ ‘57 car” a Chevrolet, Ford, Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz ? 

For example, most late-‘50s/early-‘60s cars I’ve replaced a windshield for have taken minimum of several hours, especially if trim removal/re-installation was involved, but I’ve also done one that took 3+ months and over $30K, even though it was initially expected to be just a few day and $2-3K job...

... OTOH, in my defense, the costs and time were caused by the fact that the (curved) windshield client initially provided was incorrect shape & size with no chance of fitting, necessitating a new replacement to be custom-made since none aren’t/weren’t available for the rather rare subject vehicle, not to mention the entire framework for the glass had been previously butchered by someone attempting to make the glass already in the car fit (it not only didn’t, but it had cracked due to ill-fit).

So, not only I had to produce a new, curved windshield from scratch, but also re-fit/repair/restore all the framework and associated trim pieces before the fabrication of templates and tooling for the glass could commence.


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