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packard wiring drawring

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thanks to all who have responded to my request for info on compensator wiring. I  have all the drawings . The one I am looking  for  is for manual operation only. It shows how to wire the limit switches so as to prevent over control. Several years back someone posted it on the forum.  I had a copy but lost it.

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Here is the complete schematic showing the factory manual switch installed.   If you do not have a factory switch a regular SPDT spring loaded center off switch will work.  You need to wire it in by running two wires from the open contact terminals of the manual switch down to the control switch and splicing a connection to the pink and yellow wires. The center common terminal of the new manual switch goes to ground.  To use a regular switch, you MUST manually turn the TL on/off switch under the dash to OFF before working the  manual switch so the automatic control switch is inactive when the manual switch is used.  Failing to turn it off will mean both switches will be in the circuit and as soon as you try moving one direction manually, after the time delay the automatic switch will move the car back.  If you have the manual switch energized longer than the time delay both will be on at the same time resulting in the motor wanting to go both directions at once and blowing the fuse.


 The manual switch duplicates operation of the control switch by grounding the wire going from the control switch to the limit switch.  That ground passes thru the limit switch and on to the solenoids to move the car.  The factory switch is not spring loaded so by moving it to either the up or down position. it will stay energized and the limit switches will open at the maximum travel limit to stop the action.  The factory switch also disconnects the power feeding the control switch while it is being used so the two switches cannot both be in operation at the same time.  Without that disconnect function you must be the one to ensure they cannot operate at the same time.

56 with manual TL switch.jpg

TL manual switch.jpg

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