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New pistons for a 59 371


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helping a fellow Olds enthusiast from Germany who is trying to rebuild a 59 371 locate some new parts. He needs oversize pistons. Does anyone have any current info on suppliers for pistons? Used to be the Ohio Piston and Pin was often referenced as was Egge. He has not had any luck sourcing parts. Any help would be appreciated.

Secondly, he wants to know if 57/58 371 pistons interchange? Seems I recall that there was an issue with that but it was a long time ago and the old memory bank isn't was it used to beūüėÄ

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Hey, just checking in,

   Don't have him call !!!! That will be way too expensive....

  We can do it right here, thru emails... I have this tablet now...

(With this worldwide Coronavirus, I am on this tablet every day....)

   We just need to know what size on the pistons -- and does Jan need a

Matching set of piston rings.....

    Stay Safe and healthy........   Yours, Craig....

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Sorry Craig, In reviewing  his message to me over on the HAMB he stated he would email you as his English speaking is terrible.

We have been sheltered in place now for over a week as we are in the age group that is most susceptible to the infection. VT had it's first 2 deaths yesterday. Seriously bad times that appear to be getting worse.  Life is different now, hard adjustment.


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