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Paul Iverson

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FOR SALE---1987 Buick Regal T-type

2 door coupe, purchased new January 15, 1987 in Alvin, Texas, Ron Carter Dealership. Date of manufacture is 12/05/86. Place of Manufacture is Flint, Michigan. 2014 inspection mileage is 43, 559.

This car belonged to my decease brother in Houston. I am trying to sell it for my sister-in-law. We have had 2 people (mechanic and Buick car club person) talk to us about it and say it's probably worth at least $10,000, and probably more like $15,000. We are just trying to get rid of it--not interested in keeping it or working on it. It has been sitting in her driveway probably since 2015, with a 2014 inspection. I don't think it will start and we would like someone to haul it off. MAKE AN OFFER!

It is loaded, or comes with, performance enhancements, including; muffler, H.D. sway bars, High rate coil springs, Centerline  "T-type" wheels and American Racing Equipment "Black Basket" wheels, BF Goodrich tires and special BF Goodrich 225/50ZR racing tires. Special suspension, shocks, chrome dress, valve cover breather, sports seats (passenger), race bucket (driver's side), racing harness, Grand National strut bars, and headlight protective covers.

If you buy it, you will need to make arrangements with me to drive up to Houston from Corpus Christi and meet you at the house, and you'll need to probably tow it away. There are parts in the garage that we can gather for you to take; wheels, tires, seats, and I'm not sure what else.

THANKS, Paul Iverson    --   at 361-991-5554

1987 BUICK REGAL 0001.jpg

1987 BUICK REGAL 0002.jpg

1987 BUICK REGAL 0003.jpg

1987 BUICK REGAL 0004.jpg

1987 BUICK REGAL 0005.jpg

1987 BUICK REGAL 0006.jpg

1987 BUICK REGAL 0007.jpg

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