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1937 Zephyr coupe

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1 hour ago, auburnseeker said:

I doubt anyone ponying up more than 60 G as it's already at 55 with reserve not meant is going to gut it and go the LS route.  Beautiful car.  I'm sure it will go to a good home. 

I hope that you're right, A S, but some of those guys are incredibly wealthy. Money made from building and selling highly modified gems like this one to others who are more wealthy still, I suppose. I'm serious -- there really is an elite, high-end class out there who compete with each other to build these highly desirable cars.

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It’s at 66k and climbing.  Wait to the last few seconds and it will go through the roof.  I love it as I’ve got a original 1938 three window Zephyr.  Due to ill health most likely not be able to finish it but passing it on might bring in a few pennies.

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1 minute ago, CHuDWah said:



Just replying to Malo48's post - so were you planning on buying it?  :rolleyes:


I was joking that a small, easily changed detail that actually makes the car more useful was enough to make me not want it--a situation that presents itself on a daily basis in my showroom. 

"Sorry, that car has blue caps on the valve stems, not black ones. I can't buy it."



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