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1954 Buick Roadmaster Convertible. CA Car. Not Mine

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Thanks for posting @6T-FinSeeker and including the picture copies. Here also 'for posterity" are a few more pics and the description.


This is a one owner, California vehicle. It was parked in a Northern California garage and put on blocks in 1958 and sat there since. The owner passed away ten years ago and we bought if from the daughter who inherited it. There is no rust on this car. Paint is mostly original and there is no evidence of any previous damage or bondo.

The engine is a fresh and complete rebuild with zero miles on it with automatic transmission. Power Windows and Power Brakes. In addition, here is the list work that we did which is typical for any car that was sitting for that length of time: New Coker Classic Wide Whitewall tires, re-cored radiator, new water pump. New gas tank, fuel lines, and fuel pump. New power booster, master cylinder, brake lines and wheel cylinders. Front seat re-upholstered in Ferrari Connolly hide. The car runs, shifts great and pulls away smoothly like new. Mileage is only 53K. VIN-A1016169. Clean CA title in hand. Enjoy the way it is or bring this worthy car to the next level.


Never before noticed the interior light over the back window of the 76C's, cool...




The description states engine rebuild but this is definitely a '55 model year 322. I'm bettin the original had a stuck or dropped valve, what do you think @NC-car-guy 








Pretty decent job of front seat material choice and reupholstering to match rear original











Even considering engine change and new front seat material I'd still love to own this car and maintain as is for archival purposes. If I had an extra 20 grand in my pockets I'd have to at least throw it at it and see if it stuck. @Fr. Buick you need this car. At least go take if for a spin. Let the top down, but careful, don't let the cigar ashes fly to the back seat.




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Hey, out of my range, but wow, what a nice survivor!!  I see the auction is ending soon, but hoping to go see the car Monday if they will let me, just to get some pics....


If anyone local is buying it and reads this, send me a PM, I would love to chat about parts and such you may need... at least for correct valve covers.


There is one draw-back about driving with the top down, though, it makes it hard to keep a cigar lit.

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Hi Doug & Lamar

This is a neat car. I spoke with the original owners daughter about it and she had sent me pictures of it. Doug this is the same car you and I discussed last year.


I thought about buying it, but just do not have any time for another car. It is a neat survivor and did have the correct valve covers on the engine before. The dome light is correct for the Roadmaster Convertibles.

Lets see where it goes, I hope it finds a good home. 


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On 2/20/2020 at 7:40 AM, MrEarl said:


Pretty decent job of front seat material choice and reupholstering to match rear original




I've noticed that much of the leather for sale today

does not have the proper sheen to match original leathers.

I believe that's the case here:  The front seat has a rather

"matte" finish, whereas the original rear seat is shinier.

The pleats in front look too flat, as well.


Just an observation to protect the wallets of any potential bidders---

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5 minutes ago, auburnseeker said:

It's all those years of armor all built up on the rear seat.  😉


Actually, it's just the type of finish on the leather, whatever

that finish may be.  It's not due to applied conditioners.

I've seen shinier leather in all sorts of old cars, even in hidden places

that would never get treatment.  Even on back seats rarely

used, and by average owners who never applied leather

treatment, the leather is glossier.


A friend of mine redid some upholstery in his 1967 Imperial

and found the correct glossy leather.  Myself, I had a very

hard time finding anything that came close to the original

sheen, and I've seen expensively restored cars with new

leather interiors that don't look correct because of the

noticeably duller finish.  Restorers, be aware!

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