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Marmon Pickup

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My friend owns a junkyard in Maine, he has a pickup that he claims is a 1926 Marmon. I can't find any info on this truck. It's rough but I feel like I should rescue it before it gets ruined.

He started talking about building a rat rod out of it and I told him hold on please.

Any info and pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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Hard to say but I would think it was part of a sedan at some point. Box is homemade or from something else, cab looks heavily fabricated with part of an original roof from something quite possibly not even Marmon.  If it's Marmon looks mostly like just the cowl is original but I'm not familiar enough to know if it's even a Marmon.  I would say not a huge loss if he wanted to try to build something from it as I can't imagine anyone wanting to restore it. 

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I'm by no means an expert but stuff seems to have a feel when it's original.  This just looks like some left over parts someone made a truck out of.  Maybe someone more knowledgable will check in.  I know Marmon herrington made four wheel drive truck conversions but as far as I know they used existing builders trucks.  I'm not sure if they were around in the 20's or not.  I know they were in the 30's.   20's is out of my realm of expertise especially heavy truck. 

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