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1936 Buick Business Coupe Dash Switches


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#7 is most likely the manual throttle.    My ‘37’. and my ‘38’ have this device.   #5 is probably the headlight switch.     The #6 is usable for auxiliary driving lights or possibly the heater fan control.   Heaters were an option on most of them...    Or, #3 was for the heater control.   Leaving the aux. switch below the dash for the driving lights.     Check with Rhode Island Wire co. to see how the original wiring was set up.      That would be my first choice.    I’ve used them on two of my cars.   They are VERY good.     Well worth the price to have it correctly.    Cheep is never the best price. 

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6 hours ago, MargaritavilleBuick said:

The dash is basically been butchered bit all switches seem to be accounted for.  Since the wires were removed can someone shed some insight on those currently unidentified?  See the sketch below.  Currently 3, 5, 6, and 7 have not been resolved.  Where would the fog light switch been located?




3.481  Button and wire assembly - throttle


2.698 Lighting switch control



img-200219075757-001 (2).jpg

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The map light and dash light switch will probably be a slider with it's handle sticking through the bottom of the dash down toward the floor. It should be right where pont35Cpe said, between the column and cowl vent. Due to the way it is mounted it is pretty hard to see it if you don't know its there.


Heater (if equipped) and fog/driving/passing light (if equipped) switches hang below the dash, and probably have a visible knob, maybe even a lighted knob. They were accessories not every car had, and also might not be real Buick parts from the dealership. Aftermarket heaters and lights were readily available at Sears, Wards, and any parts store or repair garage.

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On my 36 Century

1. Wiper switch

2. Map light

3. Hand throttle

4.cigar lighter

5. Headlights 

6. Interior/dome light switch

7. Fog lights (on my 37 this is a hand throttle) 

I also have a heater control switch near the parking brake, which is circular multiposition switch, where as the dome/ interior light switch is a slider under the dash (nearest the 6 on your diagram)20210224_202126.thumb.jpg.8b28cf4238196137bc61b774ed66e66c.jpg

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I will contact them to let them know but I don't think they do this website.

Should they just contact you through private messaging or did you want to post an email or phone number?

Or pass yòur contact info on to me through a private message to pass on to them?



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