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I’m looking for some advice on installing 6 stereo speakers in a 40 Special 4 dr sedan. I have two round 4” midrange installed in the front seat kick panels.2 6x9 3 ways and two 3” tweets are still to be installed. My interior is red/black vinyl, stock seat frames. Anyone done a car like this with a stereo and multiple speakers? The 6x9s are the ones I can’t figure a place for. It’s either the vertical surface of the rear arm rest area or the kick panel at the lower rear edge of the front bench seat.Ideas?

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I don't have one of those cars, so I'm not an expert in them.  BUT, in general, the rear speakers will need to be aimed at the rear window for the best sound dispersion.  Sound reflecting off of the rear window forward.  The placement of the front speakers can be variable, but usually in the kick panel area, if there's enough depth (behind the mounting panel and to clear your feet/pedals.  For that car, I suspect that less-elaborate dual cone speakers would work well, 2 rr and 2 front.


Hopefully, you've go the floor panels, door panels, and roof "dyno-matted" to make the cabin quieter and better insulated?  With less outside sounds for the sound system to compete against.  HOPEFULLY, too, you'll have an HD-radio system, rather than just a satellite or "broadcast" receiver?  Aim the front speakers at each other, the rear ones at the rear window, of possible.  Similar to many more modern OEM systems.  Might need to put the front speakers in the lower, front section of the doors?


Be sure to check with the street rodder magazines for possible guidance in what others have done.




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Yes its an HD,rear speakers face 45 degree back and up from the lower rear edge of the front seat.Only place I could fit them.Front speakers are in the kick panels.Super sound insulated body.This is a 40 Buick 4 dr sedan  I got one of those $4 HD tape type antenna and it sounds great. Front speakers are 4" round and rear are three way 6x9. Did all my testing with the front speakers finished and the rears just laying in the opening for now.Ill insulate around the 6x9s as I get further along. Thanks all. 

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One problem we all see are ugly speaker grills in the wrong place.

The dilemma is do you go for sound or appearance.

The common placement is  low in the front doors (kick panel if there is room) and in the rear package shelf.

I remember installing a rear speaker in a 1954 Chevy 2 dr and had to cut the hole (this was 1955-56) before everyone had

power equipment, so it was drill holes and hand cut out the hole.  

Base speakers can be installed behind the rear seat and usually work fairly well.

There may also be room under the front seat.... also depending on the room remaining after you install aftermarket A/C ... is

below the dash, pointing down.

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