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1923-27 Buick Standard Touring Side Curtains for Patterns


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I am looking to borrow either an original ratty or a correct duplicated set of side curtains for a model 25 Buick Touring.  Preferably 1925, but I believe 1926 or 1927 would be the same - even though they have different part numbers.  Possibly even 1928.  I would like to photograph and create full size dimensional drawings. 

If it makes you more comfortable:

- I only need one side, so you still retain a pattern.          

- I am willing to put down a deposit to ensure that you get your loaner curtains back if you so desire. 

- If your negotiation is that I make 2 sets as original, I can probably work that out as well.  

As an additional note, I was loaned a set of side curtains for a model 35 Buick Touring from Brian Heil.  I believe these are 1923.  I will be drawing these up, so if you are interested in these drawings, please leave me a note so that I can get you a copy of those side curtain drawings.  The photo posted are original1923 model 35 curtains.

 Feel free to post me a note here or PM me.   Thank you    Hugh Leidlein


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Happy to help.


Hugh is the third person to borrow these.


Even though these are for the 1923 small series car, they have lots of details common to both I have to assume.  Just how Buick stenciled the name and part numbers on the inside is interesting.


One thought for Hugh.  What if you made a plot of your car's hard points (fasteners and poles) and overlaid a drawing of these, with the two could you create a full series pattern drawing?

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When I had the new top and side curtains done on my car, Bill Krause out in New Jersey loaned me the original side curtains from his car for the visual pattern work.  He has a 1916 D-45 that he is going through also.  His car was totally untouched and the curtains were in remarkable condition.  Before you say well, those curtains are for a 1916 and will never work for my 1925, let me throw out this point for you.  Yes, my curtains are different than what you will end up with, but, the fastener details COULD be very helpful to you.

While I had his curtains here I took them to Douglas Photographic in Wichita and they were photographed on both sides of each curtain.  I have the results on CD and if you would like, I can send you a copy.  Bill's car had been in storage for almost 75 years when he bought it.  I remember him telling me that the car has something like 1,200 total miles on it since new.  


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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      Nice to see a new model 25 with our group.  Welcome.  It looks like you are making good progress.  From the number of radiator shells on the back wall of the shop, this does not look like your first rodeo.  I will make make access to the drawings here when I am finished.  



     This set that you let me borrow does have a wealth of knowledge.  For example, there are 4 silver connectors on the very top front of these side curtains, and a strap on the last curtain.   There is also a metal plate in these.  Once I get started I may have to get a little creative on how I show these are assembled.  Not just as easy as drawing a line around the border.



     I may take you up on the offer.  If nothing else, it may show me a better way to document the details.   

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