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25 Dodge brothers running board material


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Source vendor :

( Red and Grey linoleum sheet stock )

Tony Lauria

511 Church Hill Road 

Landenburg, Pa.19350




Trim :

( extruded brass and aluminum )

Source Vendor :

Restoration Supply 

15182 Highland Valley Road #B

Escondido, Ca 92025




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4 hours ago, dl456 said:

Any idea what the original trim metal looks like?


It looks like this.......

Same in measurements as "Restoration Supply" item MOU052. $20 for a 4' length. That being said I have heard others have bought the same thing at Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, for counter top trim.

Material - Aluminum.

1/4" inside.

7/8" Wide.

1926 DB Running Board Trim.jpg

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6 hours ago, franklinman said:

Thanks for the photo Bill. One problem is that Rest. Supply only sells the stuff in four foot pieces. The 1925 running boards require a piece 4’- 8-1/2” long. 

That's why I mention the home improvement stores. I try to remember to look at what they have but I don't DARE go near the kitchen area of the store when the wife is with me .......



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OK, last word on this topic.  I've managed to drag out an original 1925 running board.  The correct edging material is buffed zinc sheet bent to a 90 degree angle.  Long side is  7/8" and the top is 3/8 to cover the edge of the linoleum.   I measure  the thickness as .045" which equates to #17 gauge (B&S).   Attachment is by means of slightly round headed tubular rivets - presumably zinc plated steel.  The corners are mitered, but not at 45 degrees because the running boards are tapered.  I suggest that the side strips should be cut at 45 degrees and the ends cut to meet. 

If you wish to be super correct a sheet metal shop should be able to supply, cut and bend zinc sheet to suit.

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OK, looks like that pretty well firms up the requirements for the running boards. Again, thanks Tony. Now i’m Curious to confirm what the trim was that was used around the floorboards. Given the tight bends involved I don’t think it was the same as used on the running boards. Anyone have floorboards with the original trim, especially the pieces around the pedals, shift tower, and handbrake?

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Floorboards up to the 1924 series used plain aluminium angle.  I had one remaining piece but it seems to have gone AWOL - so I can't provide dimensions.  Bending most bits isn't a problem but I suspect that the surrounds for the gear lever and handbrake and for the gearbox lock were  die formed or extruded (not having seen an original close up).  As far as I can determine the floorboard surrounds and linoleum were deleted from the 1925 series as a cost cutting measure.  Can anyone confirm or contradict this?

While my car is a 1925 series I chose to use aluminium counter edging and linoleum (brown rather than grey to complement the body color).  The tricky bits were fabricated in sections.1157728_390277734428898_612505227_n.jpg.f740e885227a4eb93927915f925ea720.jpg1819647713_1504_3(2).jpeg.11deb31f75c5f3fa236fe530932a394d.jpeg    

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