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Just bought a 1923 23-45 touring car


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Andy from Memphis


I'm no stranger to cars but something this old is a new thing for me.  I don't know how long I'll keep it but I plan on having some fun with it.

1923 Model 23-45 touring car.  Older restoration, it's been stored inside for 20+ years, not currently running, needs a few things cosmetically as well.


I've got a few other cars in the garage:

1969 Chevelle convertible - current project, 350 SBC, 4 speed auto

1964 Austin Healey 3000 MkIII - next project, sitting in the back of the garage under a pile of racing tires

1987 Honda CRX - SCCA F Street Prepared Solo car

1992 Caterham 7 Supersport - fun weekend/track day car


Anyway, thanks for letting me in to the forums



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