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1936 Hupmobile C/L KS $6,800

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Rare and stylish car. Too bad the grill was replaced. It'll be a bugger to find a new one, as well as a buyer willing to spend a bunch to restore a prewar sedan. 

Don't know about gear shifting. I'm assuming three on the floor. The transmission and motor are out, so you can't tell by the photos.

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Wow 2 tail  lights,wheel trim  rings, factory  installed radio, deluxe trim on hood  and doors and bustle trunk and  2 handles. 101 Hp. 6 cyl. engine makes this a  deluxe model. If  the  serial  # would verify that this is  a 1936 Hupp Model G  its  1  of 53  built in 1936.  Not  sure of  the  year I  bought 1  of  these in Mass from Ernie  Gunther just for  the  good  grill  The car is  complete but  needs a total restoration. The  grill is  made of pot metal and  is  very  fragile. I thought of  having some  cast from my  good grill, but with  the  low production on  the G  and N which were the  only 2 models  that share the  same grill I  thought I  may  not sell enough to get  my  money  back. Below is a pick of  my  1936 Model N  that  shares the same  grill and  hood ornament. The  N  is  an 8 cyl, 120 Hp.  with a factory  over drive and  is  1  of  21 produced in 1936.  Not  to  blow  my  horn, BUT I  am the  only  member of  the  Hupmobile Club  that has 1 of  these cars  running on the  road.  My  pic  are  to  big  to  load, I  will try to resize them and  post  later.

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