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Late prewar brakes

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It's always best to send whatever business we can to our own Studebaker vendors. If not for them none of us would still be on the road. http://www.studebakervendors.com/


But don't rule out your own local FLAPS (friendly local auto parts supply). Many of these items can still be obtained from NAPA, Carquest, etc, if you can find a counter man who's heard of anything other than what's been manufactured in the 21st century. If you locate a cross reference and can supply them with their own part number, so much the better.

The following list was assembled by Nate Nagel years ago. Unfortunately, it's all post war.



If you must, Rock Auto lists brake hoses and cylinder kits.

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The hardest things to find are the rear wheel cylinders .

The front have the same castings as Ford cars from that era but the brake pistons are

different. Brake linings an be relined but be aware of modern linings.find original asbestos lining but handle them carefully and wear a mask.The non asbestos linings are too hard and take too much pedal pressure.If you can find an old time brake shop , get the linings arched properly

so that the shoes touch the drum all the way around.Brake hoses are a different can of worms

Some reproduction hoses failed and I am not sure if I would use 60 year old original hoses

I learned one thing and before driving off in an old car is to really press hard on the brakes.

If things let go and a brake hose or brake line fails , it better be in your garage or driveway!

Don't scoff on safety when working on original brakes. Asbestos is dangerous.

A good friend used to use an air hose to clean brake assemblies and ended up with lugging oxygen tanks around with him to be able to breath and died young.

Send you old rear wheel cylinders to White Post and have them sleeved.



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Good summary rbk thanks, I agree on all points but it's been decades since I dove into a prewar, and our recent adopted President has already been gone thru. I think these big 41 brakes work really well when kept in top shape and adjustment. Looking to help someone new to 41s.

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rbk mentioned the ford front wheel cylinders...I thought I would post a pic of the front piston mod i had to do on a '39 commander.  

The piston on the left is obviously the original.  The middle is the un-modified ford.  The one on the right is modified by machining the notch down to achieve the same thickness as the original.   I could have removed the entire center boss....but I opted to use the ford rubber boot since it was supplied (if my memory is correct).   

I had the rear wheel cylinders sleeved and made new rear pistons.    



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