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60s GM? Overhead console ID?

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A local clean out guy got a stash of someone's car parts and while looking for something I saw last week I found this.  I think it's GM because of the lettering style and the fasteners on the back.  It has a hazard light switch on it, and a seat belt warning light, so I would assume 1969 back to maybe 1963 (key switch on column cars usually have the hazard switch there too).  The low fuel light and door ajar light make me think high end in that era, Cadillac?

But I've never seen one before and Google was less than helpful trying to find pictures of any vintage consoles.  Anybody here recognize it?



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On 2/14/2020 at 3:09 PM, padgett said:

Don't think GM had an integrated seat belt light before 1972. (Never say never). Ford did lead in safety.


Yeah, Ford started them in 1966 and the location and identification shown on the light varied by model. 


On 1966 Mercury full size cars the seat belt light is an unlabeled red circle at the lower edge of the dash.

On my (cheaper) Monterey it was on the lower edge, middle of the dash (over the trans hump) on my (top line) Parklane it is way over on the left, over the parking brake(!)


Again no label, nothing to indicate what the light means. When you start the car it glows red, then after about 7-10 seconds it fades out. For all you would know it is a parking brake release warning except that the Parklane has a vacuum release. 


Passengers in the Monterey always asked what it meant, thinking it was a low oil, or maybe a high temp warning.

The thing is so easy to ignore, it is a wonder why they ever wasted the money. 

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I owned a '67 Thunderbird which also had them located on the headliner, but with round indicators.  It was part of the Convenience Control option which also included 'rolling' door locks which automatically locked at 8mph.  



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Uncle had a 68 Landau Sedan that had this roof console. He always said the low fuel indicator never came on till you were out of gas and the seat belt light would sometimes lose its mind and never go off till next time the car was started. He had a theory the car had been hit by lightning before he got it at 2 years old. I always thought the local Ford dealer mechanics just didn't understand the electric/electronic complexities of Thunderbirds.


That Landau was the only car that ever made me carsick. Really soft sprung, and me in the back seat with those blind panels on the doors wasn't a good combination.

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