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Museum Parts Collection mostly pre-war goodies

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  We have recently purchased a large collection of antique auto parts from a now defunct auto museum. My intention is to save these parts and make them available to the collectors and restorers that need them. A small list of what we have so far:

  -Dozens of wood spoke wheels from the teens and twenties

  -Dozens of grille shells and grille parts fro the teens thru the forties

  -Trunks, heaters, radios, driving lights and other accessories

  -Dozens of carburetors, many NOS

  -Water pumps, starters, generators, magnetos, many NOS

  -Dozens of fender skirts, many NOS

  -Dozen, maybe hundreds of boxes to go thru.

I will post some photos as I go thru the hoard over the next weeks and months. I can deliver sold parts to Spring Carlisle and Hershey. Shipping of smaller items is not an issue, larger items might be a challenge. Any help identifying items in the photos will be much appreciated. Please be patient, it will take me a while to go through this stuff.













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  Planes fly from Oregon to Virginia every day. LOL. Seriously, trimacar is not far from me and is coming over as soon as I get everything out of my trailers. I am in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and if there are any AACA members that would like to come take a look, I am usually available on weekends. I will be posting photos and lists right here as I get items out, cleaned up and identified. I am pkhammer on ebay and some of the smaller, easier to ship items are already being listed there.

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25 minutes ago, trimacar said:

pkhammer is a good friend of mine, and you can trust your dealings with him.


I'm trying to get to his place before all the goodies are gone!!  


I expect an email if you see any Rickenbacker goodies.  😀

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6 hours ago, Mark Wetherbee said:

What a great pile of parts, I hope you’re close enough to the Tidewater flea in a few weeks and bring some stuff to dig through!

I'm about four hours from the coast. I believe that is a one day affair that only runs 8:00am-2:00pm? It's hard to justify loading a truck/trailer and make an 8 hour round trip for such a short swap meet. Typically I just do Spring Carlisle and Hershey. 

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1 hour ago, Scott Bonesteel said:

On the first post, 9th photo down, the rimless headlight with the wing on the top, in the lower left corner of the purple plastic bin is a 34 PE Plymouth.  GREAT stash of stuff!!  Hopes this identification helps find good homes for all of this.

  Thanks Scott! Some help identifying some of these parts is what I was hoping for. Thank you!

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In today's pictures, second picture from the bottom, grille in center 38 Dodge.  Big grille/nose piece with blue Chrysler emblems -1939, Radio delete plate in 3rd photo from bottom 1951-52 Plymouth, might be the same as Dodge.

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