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31 PA Plymouth parts for Sale


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These parts I removed from a 31 PA Couple to upgrade, been inside for the last 30 years. Motor has lower end redone crank and rods. Speedometer shows little over 60,000 miles. New brakes on the axles too. Wiring is new never used. Was on the road for 7 years I was told when I bought it. Letting the gauges go to but not the mounting plate. 


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Lots of great parts!  Thank you for posting here. 


It would help if you update each posting with your location and what you are asking for each part pictured.  I’ve had a 1932 Plymouth almost since I could drive (legally) and love the car.  I’m sure there will be folks interested in what you have.  When your multiple postings start to get separated, it will be harder to locate separated details not in every ad post, such as location (which is important for heavier parts).  If you lived closer, I’d want to ask about a package deal.  Others who do live closer might be interested in that same thing, in case you want to factor that in.  Good luck with the sale!

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