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Dual Quad Linkage Question


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Hi folks, Can anyone tell me what is the correct length of the bolt is which is supported by the trunnion and adjusted by the turnbuckle.

I have seen so many different configurations. On my GS the bolt & turnbuckle are shorter then shown in the photo.


The Service manual (Page 3-58) tells me that "when the accelerator pedal is depressed, the primary of the rear

carburettor starts to open. When it is approximately half open, the primary of the front carb will start to open"

Do Dual Quad owners confirm this description of operation via practical experience?


Tom K


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You need to make sure that the front carb is not stopping the main carb from getting full throttle. I disconnect the front carb, get full throttle on the main carb and pull the front carb to full throttle and adjust the bolt to give you full throttle on both. Hope that makes sense. I've seen some short bolts and I just ouldn't get full throttle on the main.


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