Pre 1905 cross flow radiator questions

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I am looking to build a cross flow radiator based on 5/8" copper tube with approx. 2" OD copper fins.  I am thinking of using .010 copper sheet to form the fins with.  What are the thoughts of this Brass era group that meets here?


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The fins used on cross flow radiators were discussed many years ago on another site. If my memory is not mistaken these fins are still produced today. They may or may not be copper however. Brassworks radiators can still fabricate early, round (coin style), versions. Modine also has the round style fins. To take a sheet of copper and cut or punch out individual fins would be very labor intensive and costly. Depending on how many rows of tubes you are making this could mean quite a few fins. The fins that I found years ago would slip over the copper tubing and were corrugated just like the original radiator on an early Cadillac. Bending the tubing was the hardest part (180 degree return bend with a 3" diameter), slipping on the fins would have been easy.

Try to locate pre made fins. Copper or brass are fine.

Just my opinion of course, good luck. 

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