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Help ID a Pierce Arrow


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I think this may be a 1913, 48-B Touring. On the back of the picture dated August 30, 1916 is the notation, "Pierce Arrow on return from Mohawk Trail trip". I would like to identify the model and if this car still exists. The owner of this car owned this car until the 1930's along with more than a dozen closed PA's from the teens till 1935. Thanks for your help.

1916 pierce arrow.jpg

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That's what it looks like to me.  Fender-mounted headlights arrived toward the end of 1913 as 48-B-2 ; this one would be a 48-B  (not B-1).  Radiator is substantially higher than the top of the front fenders, so it's a 48 rather than a 38.

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ORIGINAL owners of >100-yr-old vehicles are rather difficult to find.  I have access to a 2005 "recension table" of Pierces, some/many of which are original / second owners from state records 1914-1922.  Interspersed are current owners of similar vehicles.  If you can give me serial/engine numbers, 1910s owners' names, state of registration, etc., I'll be glad to look for you.


This car is almost certainly a 7-passenger touring, from what I can see.



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