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1955 Buick Roadmaster Paint Stage

Michael CPA

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Im at the paint stage of my 1955 Buick Roadmaster.  Thanks for everyones help.  I was able to get the gravel guards I have restored from a chrome guy in Nashville.  They did a great job.


So now I am at an impasse and need the forum;sadvice.  I have never seen the color combinations but I had originally planned to go with Carlsbad Black, Cherokee Red, Carlsbad Black combination.  My body shop guy is really pushing me to go with a redder red.  He says Cherokee Red is really as much orange as it is red.   What are your thoughts?  My whole plan was to keep the car to an original stock.  My interior is already made by SMS.  Red and Black in original combinations. 


I could go all black exterior or another option, but am really at a loss.  I have never seen the Cherokee red so I may be going blindly.  Thoughts?

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Cherokee red is most definetly RED.  And yes, it does have an orange cast to it.  You would be best served by seeing actual cars painted in the color. Paint chips are VERY misleading as to what the car will actually look like, full scale, with all the trim on.

If you do a forum search for .......Bob Beck......you will see...... bob beck 55 century project......Click on that and you will see  my 55 Century in Cherokee red. If you go towards the end, (page 5 &6), of a long winded post there lots of pix in different light and stages of dress.............Bob

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Hello I would stay with the original color, and also agree the Bhigdog the color chips are a poor representation of how the color will look on a car .A good example of this is on my 49 Super,the sun mist gray isn’t to impressive on the chip but looks a lot different on car ,this is the color it was when new .The whole point of a restoration is to make the car close as possible as to when the car was built, not someone’s interpretation of how they think it should be.Good luck on the restoration, sounds like the red and black should be an nice color appropriate for the era.



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For the cost of a paint job keep it a red that was available on a 1955 Buick, if you ever would sell the car, a non-authentic color can be a stumbling block.  Some buyers will pass if it is not the done in the original paint code, but being that BCA and AACA will not deduct for a color that was available that year it's the safest bet.  Plus Cherokee Red is a fantastic color and with the black will really pop 


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If getting away from the original colors and considering your black and red interior, and since you mentioned it as an option you're considering,  I'd personally probably go with solid black. 




But then again, if your dad is a Georgia Bulldog fan ......

image description


but with the orange tint you can clearly see here, he may get kidded something about Clemson :D


Have you used Hometown Buicks configurator to try different color schemes  https://www.hometownbuick.com/content/configurator/1955/72/index/






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Seems like the "Hometown Buick" website has some paint combination deals in the back of the website?  Where you can take the colors and place them on the car to see what it might look like?  Last time I played around in that area of the website, it was amazing at how many neat looking color combinations could be had back then!




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On 2/11/2020 at 3:03 PM, Michael CPA said:

What are your thoughts?


What were your thoughts before he made the suggestion? If you were fine with it just ignore him. A lot of people just want to feel wind blowing across their teeth.


My '86 Park Ave has four rectangular headlights. There were at least three people whom were beside themselves because I wouldn't take their suggestion to install the newer single lens composite lights from a later Park Ave. One still shakes and gets agitated when he sees my car with the correct headlights.


Better to get the painter's thoughts on the color primer he will use. I have seen red and maroon paint jobs loose their luster when a painter taps his 55 gallon drum of red oxide primer when a light primer would have brought the job to life.


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