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Starter Solenoid Starter Terminal Copper Bolts


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Hi, looking for Starter Solenoid terminal bolt.

Mine was stripped while auto electrician belted mine with a hammer, that what it looks like.

I sacked him and now repairing his damage.

They are the copper bolts with rectangle end.

One is about 1 3/4" and other 1 7/8" in length, I need the 1 7/8" but happy to buy a couple that are close to finish rebuild.

It is to suit 1936 Mopar starter (AutoLite), any leads greatly appreciated. Peter 

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Hi Jeff, thanks for reply.

The Solenoid is SS-4104. The thread pitch looks to be 3/8"-16.

The Dia of contact is about 15/16".

I am not sure on the MAX-4016 as I had info that this was for right hand drive (which mine is) or MAX-4015.

My car is a 1936 S-1 Desoto Airstream.


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