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I’m also working on wiring.  Lots and lots of wiring!  I’m chasing a short in the gauge lights or sender circuits.



And that means crawling underneath.  It’s actually kinda nice under my bus, the ground clearance means I can even sit up in some places.




I gave the old stateside Korea vet some subdued decoration, and the best occasion-appropriate message I could think of, for last Friday’s somber anniversary.  Trying to draw block letters in pseudo-cursive was strange, but it got the feel I wanted.




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Thought I had the Dodge finished up, so I went to fire it up so I could get it out of the garage for some nice photos.  Hey no big deal it drove in the garage and started nice when I got it.  Grabbed my little squirt bottle of gas (dad was down) so he sprayed some in and I cranked it over.  Nothing.  Tried it a few more times,  still nothing.   Not even a stumble.   Must not be getting spark,  So I pulled my handy dandy spark checker out.  Nothing.  So I checked to make sure I had power to the coil as I had messed around pretty aggressively trying to free up the ventilator swing arm and had a bunch of stuff out under the dash.  Maybe I knocked a wire loose.  Nope I had power,  so I double checked the points and coil.  All good.  Pulled one of the plugs and cleaned it as it was sooted,  then decided to just see if the plug itself was firing (that spark checker for some reason doesn't work right). I had good spark across the gap in the plug.  OK.  I took a squirt of gas right down the plug hole.  Well that should atleast fire that cylinder.  Dad cranks it over and nothing. Now that makes no sense. 

Now I have cranked it over enough short bursts it's starting to build oil pressure. I start poking around a little more.  Actuating the carb I don't get a single squirt of gas.  By now there should be some gas in the carb. 

Well the battery is getting pretty tired by now,  so I pull and charge it,  then go ahead and clean the rest of the plugs.  Can't hurt right. 

Put the battery back in (dad's gone home by this time so I get my wife to crank it).  Only three  things she helps with, rolling the starter over,  bleeding the brakes and pushing the dead carcasses around the garage. 

She rolls it over,  I spray in a few more good blasts of gas,  still not a single pop. 

I chat with a buddy online he says that is strange,  try some carb cleaner just a little squirt and it should fire unless,  then he goes on a list of extreme problems it could be,  but I can rule out pretty much all as it has good vacuum while cranking and it ran/ started well about 8 months prior. 

I give it a little shot fires instantly then of course stalls.  I said wait a minute why won't it fire on the gas then.  I go dump the little bit of gas remaining in the squirt can and fill it with fresh.  The gas that was in it smelled fine and was about a year old,  nonethanol.  Fires instantly on a squirt of that.  So the whole time it was just dead gas in my squirt can.  (crazy) 

But wait why didn't it finally pull gas from the tank and fire on that? I pull the fuel line and the fuel pump is DOA.  I even found a box for a new manufacture fuel Pump from NAPA in the trunk with a near new pump in it that is dead,  so it's not the first one to crap out and the one on it is probably the new one that came in that box.

What are the chances of that scenario? 

I guess always make sure the gas in the squirt can is very fresh from now on. 

Time to get a new pump ordered in.  The flexible fuel line is also rough looking so I'll replace that while I'm at it.  

That gas was so dead in my squirt bottle that there was a puddle of it under the carb in the bottom of the intake manifold.  I pulled the carb and sopped it all up.  

Hopefully by the end of the week the darn thing will be running. 


I'm beginning to think it doesn't like me.

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