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Strange Reatta Engine Behavior


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I was trying to start my 89 in the garage one morning (this is LA so the weather was only like 60), and it wouldnt start. The motor would crank but wouldnt start, and the Engine Oil, ABS, Brake, and Service Engine Soon lights came on as the car went into accessory mode.

Tried starting a few more times, same thing. Even tried giving it some throttle while turning on, and it just started for a few seconds then died. Finally the throttling started it up. Pulled out, drove off. One block, the car stalls and the engine shuts off. I start it up with throttle again and park it in the garage and get a ride to school.

Next day, after checking that everythings ok under the hood, i try to start it up and nothing is wrong. Doesnt struggle, doesnt need throttle to start, doesnt stall after test drives.

Any idea what could be the problem?

Thanks from someone not mechanically inclined.

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Sounds like the IAC stuck closed for some odd reason. It is supposed to open up a little when the engine is started. The base idle with IAC fully closed is somewhere around 450-500 rpm which is probably too low to allow starting unless the throttle is opened slightly

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