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1929 REO Speedwagon brakes

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Not sure if the trucks use the same as the cars but napa has most of the parts for the car brake systems.  I would also recommend joining the REO Club of America and you will have contact with other speedwagon owners for help.  PM me for an application to join. dave

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4 hours ago, Greg Bohlen said:

Any idea where I can find brake parts for this truck?




Great looking truck. 

What is the year? Does it have hydraulic brakes?

Great platform for a stakebed. This a 29 Dodge Bros 3/4 ton.



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Check on having them resleeved. I had my master cylinder resleeved but was able match wheel cylinders at Napa.

Do you have the reservoir for brake fluid on the fire wall as mine. Here is a pic of my master cylinder.



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Thanks for the idea of resleeving. That will work for the wheel cylinders. My master cylinder is not original, a previous owner grafted on a modern one ( I think its called corvette style) but it is not pushing sufficient brake fluid.

I am going to try one with a ( larger) 1 1/4 " bore 

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