1927 Graham Brothers 3/4 ton Delivery barn find

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This truck sure turned out to be a much bigger project than I had anticipated! I would like to stop here and say THANK YOU to all my friends for the help and support I have gotten with this truck! It would never be where it is now without all of them! I’d also like to say to all of you. The next time somebody walks by and asks a question (no matter how stupid you think it is) or says nice job or wants to show you what they have, give them two seconds of your time. I all to often have been snubbed at tractor shows by some of the big boys thinking. The attitude of what a stupid question, or they don’t know anything why are they even here, or oh they just have a little piece of shit ________ fill in the blank, or that guy doesn’t know anything! Those are the new people in the hobby. Those are the people that in a few years after gaining some knowledge will be your next buyer, your friend, your driving partner. They just want to learn. Without the friends I have made through the whole process I never would have been able to accomplish this. These rare people took time out of their lives, space out of there garages and barns, room on there work bench, took time out of their own lives and have shown and taught me soooooo much! Those are the people that make this love of things old go round and round! Without the teachers this is a dying art! I know of several people that wouldn’t give me the time of day on this project but I also met several people that have dedicated their minds to this project and me. Be one of those and not the other! 


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I was really hoping to save the top but it just wasn’t possible. Both outer rails were badly rotted. Three of the ribs were broken. Most of the top strips were loose with several broken. So off she came, loaded into the truck and headed for the wood shop! The same friend that did the beautiful job on the back doors is also doing a whole new top! I’m excited to see it when done! 





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here is link to older tread for a 27 GB screenside. You may find it interesting.

I replaced all my wood. I had some original pieces in fair condition to use as patterns. Since some pieces were in bad shape i build the cab base with sugar pine to assure a good pattern. This was easier to work with and produce descent fit. I used white oak as the final wood and I believe my original would was white oak. I have heard ash would also work.

Take good notes and measurements.

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Here is link showing construction of the top and the door header. I used alder wood for the form of the curved portion. Note all the wood screws. This construction is for my 805 closed cab and yours may be similar. The long pieces under the header is for the side panels.


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