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All 6's on the odometer


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Big mileage milestone! Went out driving my '54 Ranch Wagon today and got all 6's on the odometer! (Actual mileage.) BTW, that temp gauge is pegged because it isn't connected. Have an Accu Temp mechanical gauge and love it. Gas gauge has never worked so I keep a fuel log. Primitive, but then...that's kind of me.







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4 hours ago, Jubilee said:

Nice car. Always liked that speedometer face, looks like my ‘55 Vicky.

Wife and I picked my daughter and her husband up to take to dinner on her 55th

birthday. When she got into Tahoe, odometer was reading 55555

THANKS for the compliments, folks. Just a driver, but then...so am I. ;)


Jubilee: Wow, all fives! Now there's some kismet for you!


BTW, in case anyone's wondering...I have no malevolence or worshipfulness towards a series of sixes. Since my car didn't break down or catch on fire, I presume it's no more evil than any other number. 🙂

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