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Wire wheels 17”, 5-1/2” bolt circle

Jim Nelson

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I have a set (6 ) wire wheels that are for 17” tires.   The mounting is for 5 - 5-1/2” mounting.    Is this for Fords ? They are in very good shape.  (they may be power coated )    Am I correct that this wheel is for Ford cars ?   E-mail me @. Oldbuickjim@gmail.com    .

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I like the wire wheels I found.   The price was very good.   I think the guy I bought them from thought they were for the 35-50 series that Buick had.   All Buicks had 16” wheels - not 17”.    Finding 17” tires to fit the rims and look good like the wide whitewall from the late thirties was a problem.   17” tires are a group with few options.    Lots of ‘wide’ tires but few in the 195, 205, 215 sizes.     Since I need to buy a new set of tires,  I think I will go the  17”  radial size.   I’ll keep one of my older tires as my spare which is a 16” wheel and rim.   It will still bolt on so if I need a spare,   I’ll use it.    It will fit within my metal tire cover.    No, I will not use radial tubes as Coker Tire wants you to.     I have been using regular  Diamond  Back Classic tire brand on my ‘38’ coupe for over three years.   They work fine....

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