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1920's Lincoln (not Lincoln Motors) Shocks/Snubbers, Looking For Info Please

Real Steel

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Hi everyone.


I came upon this pair of 1920's Lincoln shocks.  Lincoln is the manufacturer of the shocks and they were made for all cars; these are not specifically for Lincoln motor cars.  They are marked with patent dates or 1919 and 1921.  


I'm familiar with Gabriel Snubbers of the 1920's, and these are very similar.  The Gabriels that I had a few years ago were very 'experienced'; they were caked with mud, had broken webbing straps, and they were very greasy.  These Lincoln shocks are the opposite. 


The inside of the sheet metal covers are gloss black, while the outside is satin black.  The inside mechanisms function properly and the recoil springs work well, although the old grease is slowing the action down a bit.  It appears that the outside of the covers were repainted by someone, but the inside look excellent...dare I say NOS unused?


There is only one bolt hole to mount it.  It shows the same mounting method in the 1920's Lincoln advertisement.  Is this typical for these shocks?  Did the shocks need 'adapter plates' to fit them to a specific application, or was that left to the installers own imagination?


I know that the Gabriels came in Senior and Junior models, is that the case with these Lincolns also? 


Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance!





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