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my father was a student at the new jersey GM training center. i saw some kind of certificate that he completed the class, but i've since misplaced it. i think this took place in the 1920's. i've been told it was the first year they had the class. anyone have a guess on how i could get some kind of record of this? not looking for any profit for my efforts, just think it would be cool to pass down to my great grandson some day.

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 GM probably had training centers in the 20's but all of the GM training  centers I have visited were constructed in the early 50's to the 60's.

As far as the certificates, the instructors would add in the specific info as to the date, tech, and course to a pre-printed certificate supplied from headquarters.

I would guess that it would be very tough to find a blank to recreate what you are looking for but anything is possible.

Do you know what city the training center was in?



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