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Roosevelt in Alabama


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In the discussion of the topic I started yesterday - https://forums.aaca.org/topic/339811-great-depression-era-i-dont-think-so/-  - a link was posted by mike6024 relating to the great Depression in Alabama.




In this article is the photo which I had posted - found on a facebook page - which purports to have been taken during 'The Great Depression' - which it obviously was not.


Another photo in that article is interesting, showing FDR visiting a dam in 1933. I am intrigued that the car - a 1927 Cadillac I think - has no top fitted.




aaca Birminham alabama m-3314.jpg

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President Roosevelt visited Wilson dam @ Muscle Shoals , Alabama on January 21, 1933

Wilson dam ( President Woodrow Wilson ) created in 1918 , post U.S.

entry into The Great War ( April 1917 ) to supply nitrate for ammunition .

Post WW1 ( May 18, 1933 ) Roosevelt created TVA ....of which 

Wilson dam on The Tennessee river became a part of ....



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