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Need some help valuing a Chevy 1957 Club Coupe


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My grandfather has a 1957 Chevy Club Coupe 2 door . Original motor he said has about 500 miles on it. Its run down but mainly just aesthetics (tires are rotted and some minor rust). 


He wants to sell it because he needs the money and I want to buy it from him and have him help me fix it up. Mainly as a way to spend some time with him. 


How would I value the vehicle? Where can I find comparable cars? Sorry I am new to this. Ask any questions and I will do what I can to answer. 


Thank you in advance for the help. 

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Pictures are a necessity. They will tell  the series, body style, power train and condition. Photos of the interior should be included.There was not really a "club coupe" in 1957.  There were two basic 2-door bodies -- the 2-door sedan with door posts and the 2-door hardtop without the post. The Post sedan was available in three trim levels -- the very basic 150, a midlevel 210 and the deluxe Bel Air. The hardtop came in 210 and Bel Air. All five models were available with engines ranging from a basic 6-cylinder to a fuel injected 283 cu inch. The value varies vastly depending on the model. A fuel injected Bel Air 2-door hardtop could be worth 10x a 6-cylinder 150 2-door sedan in the same condition.


It's a difficult position to be in because it's probably worth more to you than on the open market due to the family history.



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