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car transport

Tom Little

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I would recommend Reliable Carriers. Reliable has one of their  headquarters near Detroit so they tend to be super fast when it comes to getting cars picked up and delivered in Michigan. I use them a lot and have always received great service. They use professional semi-trucks, are fully insured and you can track your shipment. My contact there is John G at 313-550-5569. Tell him Guy Z. sent you. 


Other companies I would highly recommend would be Intercity Lines and Passport. Intercity Lines has great rates for loads coming or going from the east coast.


Beware of many of the small transporters as many do not carry insurance. Many of these guys use worn out  old equipment and do not keep to a schedule.  Be especially cautious of the brokering agencies. If they say they have insurance, make sure you see proof of this.


As someone who ships lots of cars, I can tell you that the price difference between the big companies like Reliable and the small transporters is only about 10-20 percent and the savings isn't worth the headaches or inconveniences.


You are paying good money for your car, so don't be cheap when it comes to shipping it!!





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Agree with MotoringIcons but would also add Pilot Transport out of Brighton Michigan. 


One more thing, if not already explained, you really need to avoid using a Broker.  When a phone rep quotes a price aka Uship or similar, they take a deposit and that is their commission.  When the driver picks up your car, he (or she) may or may not honor that quote.  When the car is supposed to be delivered is when it is determined if the driver will hold the car hostage for more money or not.  Also, most broker agreements provide damage disclaimers meaning if something happens to your vehicle, good luck trying to claim.  That being said, any and every vehicle should be insured during transport, even if it is a restoration project. 

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