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What to bring when touring

Midwest Tony

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I have a summer trip planned where I will be driving my TBird about 300 miles. (each direction)  All in the midwest.  All with hopefully good weather.


Here is my question:  What should I have in the trunk when I go?    I know a spare and jack; water; oil; antifreeze.

What else should I bring with in case?  Do I need a back up fuel pump or whatever?


Again, thanks in advance for your input.  

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When I have travelled with any of my old cars I have a tool kit, belts, hoses, bulbs and the other items you already mentioned. When I have replaced hoses or belts I always keep the old ones to use in case of an emergency when travelling.

Have a great trip.


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Hi Midwest,

Since you are new to T-Birds I will offer this advice. You should drive your car a reasonable amount before your trip. It wouldn't be the first time that a fully "restored" car has issues that weren't obvious when the car changed hands. The more you drive it the more confidence you will have that it has been sorted out properly. Besides what vintage1 said I would carry an extra rotor for the distributor. Also carry several clean towels in case you run into rain. All T-Birds leak in rain to some extent. They even did when new. Until you are in rain you won't know how leaky your car is. Make sure all the safety systems are working properly including horn, wipers, lights, brake lights, etc.

I put 1,100 miles on my car in 4 days driving to and from the last CTCI National Convention in Knoxville, TN in 2018. I didn't have any problems. I have owned my car for 24 years and put a little for a 1,000 miles a year on it.

Have a good trip,

Lew Bachman

1957 T-Bird Colonial White

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