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'34-39 Hudson /Terraplane "Disappearing Vent Windows"

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Soliciting your comments and suggestions on successful rebuilding of the "disappearing vent windows" of deluxe models of Terraplanes and Hudsons as offered by Hudson Motor Car Co. in the period 1934-1939.   Its a complex system of gears and channels and riveted spring chamber that in retrospect deserves to be labeled "under-engineered".


Surely deteriorating and hardening vent window rubbers contributed to operational problems over the years since production.  And rotting window vertical channels that made motion difficult added load to the scissors mechanism.  But that was inevitable and expected and is true of ALL cars.


So what have you done in your restorations to improve the situation AND make it last into future use?


I would welcome all input.   Thank you.

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Gosh, I just grease the thing once in awhile.  At least once every ten years.  Also, when cranking the cradle into the door, I always give it a helpful push downward, to relieve the strain.  (You do know that you can buy new molded rubber seals, right?)

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Yes, I do know the vent seals are available.  K-GAP (Kale Graefen Automotive Parts, my company as a partnership) offered the first reproduction of those well over thirty years ago.  Proprietary items made by Metro Molded specifically for us.  Today, with K-GAP gone, Wildrick sells them:   https://www.wrphet.com/window-seals.html.  


If it was as simple as keeping them greased, I wouldn't be asking.   75 years of neglect and abuse for cars that are now restoration projects requires more.


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