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We have 3 possibly 4 cars to sell. My mom died unexpectedly.

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It was Sandymom who I PM’d. What is confusing to me & possibly others here is both you & Sandymom are representing the cars and appearing to be both selling the same cars.

May I suggest that either you or Sandymom represent, but not both of you. I would also suggest that the rightful owner representing would be your best choice.

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Good morning DeAnna this is Dale in Montana Iam so sorry to here about your loss, I wanted to let you know Iam very interested in your 25 Studebaker, do you have a title for it, and will the engine turn over, have you thought about a price ?  If you care to get back w me here is my email or your welcome to text me.  dale.tharp@gmail.com  /  620 332 493two  Thanks 

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