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Used 1939 Buick torque balls, series 40, 60

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They can be beaten up.  Worn. distorted and the bolt holes slogged out.

Some have had a very hard life, with cars being driven when the torque ball should have been replaced.

Not 100% sure, but the 6 bolt holes may be different size in later production. The small jack drive shaft had a design change mid production:- thicker flange where the 6 bolts are.

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On 2/5/2020 at 9:33 AM, markewebb '39 Buick Team said:

1939 Buick torque balls, series 40, 60, that are worn and lining no longer usable.  Paying $50 each, $35ish for the torque ball and $15ish to cover shipping.  


How do I get a hold of you to purchase torque ball seals on my 39 Buick and possibly other parts?  I already tried Bobs Automobile.

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