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1910s car: what is it?

Leif Holmberg

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Hi Leif,


Bit of a difficult one. The only photo I have that has a similar conical front to the radiator is the Hermes.  They seem to have a complicated history but I don’t think this is one of the Belgian-Italian Hermes cars as these apparently had a Renault type bonnet, and they closed in 1909. It could be from the early Mathis history when Émile Mathis asked Ettore Bugatti to design a couple of types of cars for him. Emile was at the time mainly a dealer. Hermes Simplex ended 1906.  However theres seems to be a photo on the Internet that is labelled as Hermes 1912 type 00U0 12 Hp. Lots of pictures of the same car which has metal spoked wheels. Seems to have been manufactured by Appareils Mechaniques et Enrenages in Bressoux under licence from Mathis. Company lasted from 1912-14, which would fit style of your car. They made 8’10,  12 and 16|HP Mathis-Hermes cars.



Vintman (UK)

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I'm convinced that this car is an Opel from early WW1 period. Uploaded an image of a 1914 6-16PS two-seater, which has an identical body. Characteristic for Opel are the tilted louvres and the shape of the radiator filler tube and cap (also uploaded). Although the mystery pictures are not very sharp, both features seem to fit. The reason for not being 1914 seems to be the 'Spitzenkühler', present on some Opel models in 1914 but not this one. During the war Opel switched slowly to the pointed radiator, so the two-seater could be 1915 or 1916. Also the rounded fenders point at a slightly later date than 1914. 

Opel 1914 6-16PS Zweisitzer.jpg

Opel 1912 rad filler tube and cap.jpg

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Thanks Varun Coutinho.

I have copied and reversed as well,also asked on the facebook side Mässing Nickel here in Sweden if it this picture are taken outside of the Stockholm Stadion?

When looking at the "bricks" Varan:s picture is  right .

Leif in Sweden


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