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1964 RIVIERA Horseshoe Chrome Trim Set


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Thanks to  help from Riviera63 here on the forum, we're identified this set of four Riviera chrome "horseshoes" as being for 1964 models. Note the mounting tabs at the extreme tips of the trim. I'm told the 1963 horseshoes have these tabs in further, which resulted in breakage of the tips during car washing. Moving the tabs out to the ends in 1964 solved this problem.


This is a complete set of '64 horseshoes, consisting of two part #4420162 and two #4420163. These are DRIVER QUALITY trim pieces. The chrome is generally bright, and presentable. There are a few minor pits here and there on some of the pieces, as well as a few nicks from use over the years. All of the retaining tabs are intact. You may have to gently re-shape the ends of a piece or two, using both hands. These horseshoes are diecast metal, and they sometimes get a little bent at the ends during the removal process. A little gentle manipulation with both hands (no tools) usually gets them to conform to the surface of your car without much difficulty. Again, these four horseshoes are DRIVER QUALITY.


Please PM me, if you have any specific questions. The price for the complete set of FOUR horseshoe trim pieces is $125, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John



096 (800x501).jpg

100 (800x514).jpg

101 (640x304).jpg

102 (640x528).jpg

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