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Dashboard (odometer) Chrysler E65 1929

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Is that all you got or have you just removed the inner pieces to display the falling apart numbers? If everything else is in place and the speedo works, you will just need some number stickers for the odometer. Several vendors can redo those, not everyone uses high quality glue...

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Here is a Ford Model A (30-31) speedo that looks to be the same as yours.




I did a swap on my '28 series 62 from a early (28-29) model A, had to do a little modification to make it work.

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thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I need to change it as the inner parts are broken, it is not turning anymore.

I didn't know about the model A compatibility, that's a good news!

I will have a look on this solution...


Viv w,

I don't know Snyders or Mac's, do you have a address, please?


For all for the tips's



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Hi Alain, The Model A Ford speedo mechanism is different to your Chrysler one, but the Model A decals for the trip mileage look very similar.

 Unfortunately a lot of speedo's were made of diecast pot metal in this era and suffer from swelling or crumbling metal. As it would appear that may be the problem with your unit, you will probably have to try and source a complete speedo.

Try Jay Astheimer 610-863-6955 astheime@ptd.net

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I have a Series 66 speedo which is fair (same size, different font) and might have a repairable Series 65 speedo.


Typical S65 dash (not mine) Note this one has a kmh speedo


The S66 speedo I have with mph speedo. Very few people can tell the difference

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Good morning all,
effectively as said by "Sasha39", Alain does not speak English. I am his sin in law, my name is Ludovic and I am also his particular translator because we French!
My wife allows me to spend time helping her father at distance despite my many trips a week! Alain lives in north of France and me in south.
we did not understand your post, does your speedo and trip mileage work?


"Oregon Desert",
we are interested in your meter, we would like to contact you directly by e-mail if possible?


did you get time to look at your counters and the bumper?


Thanks again to all of you and many apologies for our late responses -> (personal message from Ludovic)




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If you want to communicate with someone by email go to their post or message and click onto their user name on the lefthand side of the post like "Oregon Desert model 45" it will open a page where you can click on to the envelope to send him a direct email, hope this might help you.

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