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Ok, Please forgive me, I'm just fishing... Need info on proper carb settings

for a 2bbl 322. Right now, she runs good, but the exhust smells real rich, so much so, that if you run her for 10 minutes, even with the doors open, the garage smells like gas for an hour. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the screws so she runs correctly?? Is it just a "smell factor"???

On a side note, I think I bit off a little more than I can chew. If anyone is interested in taking her off my hands, I'd be open to offers. She has a bit of rust, could be considered semi-cancer, BUT NOT TERMINAL. Rust through on passenger doors ( 4 door ), and floor panels ( need replaced ), interior real nice, runs ( but leaks ) and drives nice. ( for a brutally detail description, search for Rowdy56 )

Interested in offers or partial trade for a 68 - 72 buick??? in the 1K to 3K range....

Note: Car is in So Cal

Thanks for looking....


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