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Vintage Carter Carburetor Fuel Filter. With Stone Filter Element, Glass Bowl. 1930's to 1960's.


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 I have two good, used Carter Carburetor Gas Filters to sell. These are cleanable filters, period-correct from the 1930's to the 1960's They are complete, with the glass bowl and stone filter element. They are in very good condition, with no problems or defects. I have just cleaned the stone filters (simply soak in lacquer thinner or acetone), so they're ready to use.


This is the low-profile version of this popular Carter fuel filter from back in the day.  It was usually installed in the gas line, just before the carburetor gas inlet. The low-profile helps the filter clear the intake manifold and the air cleaner.  They have a nifty period look.


NOTE: Filter "B" has a removable angle fitting on the inlet.


The price per complete, Carter Gas Filter is $45, plus the shipping. Again, I have two of these to sell.  Take your pick, or purchase both! Thanks for looking. John

004 (526x640).jpg

006 (511x640).jpg

003 (540x640).jpg

008 (426x640).jpg

009 (530x640).jpg

016 (599x640).jpg

019 (604x640).jpg

020 (594x640).jpg

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