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Road Trip

Retired w/Reatta

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I just returned from a 1,445 mile road trip from Portland, OR to San Geronimo, CA.

I lucked out with the weather (i did check beforehand) and only ran into rain in Dunsmuir in northern California.

The rest of the time it was blue skies, wispy clouds and temps in the high 50s. 😎 I went through three mountain passes, the Siskiyou Mountain pass being the highest at about 5,000 feet on I-5.  Much snow on the shoulders but the pavement was dry.

I took the convertible and it handled beautifully.  I had just put on a new muffler.  I got 26.4 mpg and that's with an average speed between 65 and 70 mph, with more than a few episodes of more than eighty mph.

I went to visit some old friends and to meet Marck Barker and a few other Reatta owners in the East Bay:  That turned out to be more interesting and fun than I expected.  

We met at Walt Metz's Garage in Antioch.  There were six of us with our Reattas, plus Walt's collection. 😃

After introductions (I'm always impressed the way different folks end up owning Reattas), Walt gave us a tour of his collection of Reattas and Nash Metropolitans.  I mean really!  Reattas and Nash Metropolitans!

Sometimes I think car people are a little off.  You know what I mean?  But then here I am, an almost 75-year old driving a 30-year old convertible through the mountains of Oregon and California in the winter by myself (Karen, not a collector, decided to stay home), and loving every minute of it.  A good time was had by all.  And then Marck bought us all lunch.

Here are some photos; there are more.

It's always nice to see a line of Reattas.😋






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Interesting looking at the picture.........all four years, Red and White made up close to 60% of the Reattas built.

In the picture they account for 6 of 12 or 50%.

The 1990 Select Sixty convertible out front is considered rare and collectable with 65 built.

Assuming the Burgundy/tan convertible is a 1990 there were only 68 of those....almost as rare as the SS60.

However the Black/tan 1991 convertible is one of only 23 made.

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