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Superbowl XX January 26, 1986


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Do you remember? Who played, who won, what brave souls drove their Buicks to New Orleans?? Check this out, just came across this yesterday in preparing some old Bugles for donation and thought Hmm, how timely and some other thoughts not sharing cause there's some good friends gone and some others still around, I joined the BCA around this time, this was in the April 1986 Bugle, just looked at the new member list, and looks like my name would be in the May 1986 Bugle!









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3 hours ago, Dandy Dave said:

"Crazy Joe" Taubitz. Yeah. Looks like The Old Guy was there. And a star for a day. 🤩 Dandy Dave! 

He was and the '40 was still blue then, the way he bought it, later it he had it painted Sequoia Cream which it still is today! His son Chris has it!

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