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Hudson step down parts wanted

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Looking for a few parts for my 49 Commodore. Need a good trunk handle base, this is the one that has the two handles on it. Exterior sun visor, and a turn single switch set up that goes on the bottom of the steering column. I believe I have the correct lower dash mounting bracket that excepts the wire cover. Just need the complete turn signal switch and race way cover for the wiring. Have a lot of 46-47 parts for trade/ sale if anyone needs parts in those years.


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My suggestion -- if you haven't done this already -- would be for you to send out e-mails to the vendors who advertise in the WTN (if you're a member of the Hudson club). Long-time parts dealers have piles of stuff like that, hanging around.  A photo will help them to identify the part, if it's in their stash.

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