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1939 Buick Special 248 fuel pump


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Hello mi Compadres.

Well, once again my ego created a problem for another part of my brain to solve. While wiring in an electric fuel pump I believe I have fried the starter solenoid. (I was trying to solve that 'gas leaves the carb bowl after shutting off the car' condition.) Those of you who have successfully installed and wired an electric fuel pump, may I trouble you to pass back a sketch of your connections.

Thank you!!!!!!



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Depends on how you want to use it. If just for pre-start priming and use in vapor lock conditions like a long hill climb like I do, I would just mount a switch near the driver and just get the power from the B term of the horn relay on the firewall. Don't forget to fuse it as well, 10A should be plenty. If you want it to run continuously, you probably want some kind of auto shutoff to keep fuel from spewing out in case of a serious accident. Some have used an oil pressure switch and they can chime in here.


Cheers, Dave

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Thanks Dave!

I've removed the mechanical fuel pump and fabbed/installed a blank off plate. Yes Sir, while surfing found several fans of using an oil pressure switch.

I also found roughly an equal number of guys going with the e pump as a primer/backup as you have, and the other group using it exclusively.

My first choice is running the e pump only, with power to it controlled by the ignition switch (extra single purpose switch unnecessary).

Hoping one of our club-mates has conquered that config. This eve I confirmed that I fried the starter solenoid. Guys out there have a favorite starter rebuilder?




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