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Kelsey Rim Keepers


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I have twelve of these Kelsey rim keepers for sale in North Carolina, $3 ea. You can't tell it in this picture but the word, Kelsey, is embossed on the top flat. All still fastened to two metal felloes. No spokes or hubs. Some of these are kinda rough.



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The majority of Kelsey lugs used captive nuts. Is it possible that the thin, pressed sheet metal rings that retain the nuts have corroded away and the flanged nuts have been discarded ?


See # 11632 below.  That is generally the type of nut and retainer Kelsey used . The  main casting comes in a few variations

73795.jpgThe ones shown in the illustration look close to yours. If so they fit  1917 and 1918 , Dodge, Studebaker, Hupmobile, Paige , Some Hudson's and Chalmers.

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