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ID this circa 1906 car?


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Can anyone identify this car?  Interesting features are the rear opening rear doors and the low hanging radiator in front.


The picture is from Carleton Place, Ontario and shows David Findlay and family.  The Findlays had a local foundry and produced Findlay stoves.  (No relation to my family.)


Peter Findlay

David Findlay family Carleton Place2.jpg

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It could also be from 1906. This from Buick Heritage Alliance:


"None of the 37 Flint-built Model Bs from 1904 are known to survive, but photos of them definitely do survive, of course. I am one of the few people to have some good photos of Model Bs. It is entirely possible that the Ontario photo is of a Model B. Of the 729 Model Cs believed to have been built in 1905, and the 58 believed to have been built in 1906 (before Buick switched to building the Model F and G), 14 are known to exist, one of which belongs to Steve Heald. Both the B and C were powered by identical 159.04cid horizontally-opposed two-cylinder engines, 22 horsepower. Their appearances are almost identical. I don’t have enough expertise to visually tell them apart, and my production records indicate that the B and C did not have engine numbers and were not serialized, although I know this to be incorrect. Larry Gustin’s research confirmed this."

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The wider Brass  band on the hood indicates a 1905 The 1904 model B was about half as wide.


1904 Model B with narrow brass band on hood.

Mr. Findlay, thank you for another period photo of a 1905 Model C.


s-l1600[1] (2).jpg

Another 1905 Model C with some modification to the cowl. A roof top photo from the 1920s.

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