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Brass Winchester #8 Side Lights

Larry LaPatka

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Weschester supplied some brass for Maxwell cars, but those were usually marked "Maxwell"in script on them.  There were other Westchester lamps that were sold through the many catalog auto supply companies existing at that time.  The flea market at Hershey will normally have a selection of them available.  I have sold several over the years. 

The brass on yours looks good, although it's difficult to fully evaluate condition without closer inspection and clear close-up photos.  I do note the burners are missing in yours, and that's not easy to remedy.  With burners missing, it is likely someone may have electrified them at one point, so it would be important to know if any holes had been drilled in the base (oil font) for wiring or switches. I also note the reflectors would need replating if someone were to try and use them on a car that would be shown, and that unfortunately would involve disassembly.  It appears as though the lamp on the left side in your photos may have a chip in the bottom left corner of the glass?  It may just be shadows or reflection so am not certain. 

If you supply more detailed photographs I might be better able to evaluate them and help with a suggested value range.


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In absence of additional info here, I sent an email.   Hopefully the OP will be back soon with more details and  answers to the questions posted.


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